Cyprus Permanent Residency.


Considered to be the quickest and most straightforward Residency Scheme in Europe, the Cyprus Permanent Residency Scheme is the ideal solution for applicants looking to gain EU Residency as soon as possible, in a cost-effective manner. Applicants who wish to secure Cyprus Permanent Residency must invest 300,000 EUR in Residential Property, and can attain the Permanent Residency Permit as fast as two months from application.


The Cyprus Permanent Residency application is a very fast process which can take up to two months to conclude. An application is made once Investors find a residential property of their liking that they commit to and send funds to Cyprus. The property acquisition can be made by either the Applicants directly, or through a company that is owned by the Applicant and spouse.

In the improbable case of an Application rejection, Applicants are able to receive a full refund for certain Real Estate Investments.


The only requirement needed for applying for the Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme apart from the 300,000 EUR Property Investment, is to have a clear criminal record. Once the Permanent Residency Permit is granted, then all applicants must visit Cyprus once every two years.

In terms of the Real Estate Investment Criteria, applicants must invest in new Residential Property, which can be a maximum of 2 properties that sum up to 300,000 EUR.


One of the most important benefits of obtaining Cyprus Permanent Residency, is the residency in Cyprus itself. The picturesque island with fantastic weather all year round, and crystal clear blue beaches is a dream for anyone to live in. Aside from the residency in Cyprus, there are several more benefits as to why applicants should apply for a Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit.


The permit covers the entire family, including dependent children up to the age of 25, along with parents of both the main applicant and spouse. The Cyprus Permanent Residency permit has no expiry, and can be passed down to future generations.


The main benefit of Cyprus Permanent Residency status, apart from the opportunity of residing in the beautiful island of Cyprus, is the ability for all family members to travel throughout the European Union freely.

Time Required

As the Cyprus Permanent Residency application is pretty straightforward, it can be granted as fast as two months from application.


The Cyprus Permanent Residency Scheme has an extremely fast turnaround, an incredibly high approval rate, and probably the easiest application process globally, making it perfect for Investors who want to invest approximately 300,000 EUR for a place in the sun for their whole family, whilst also obtaining free travel throughout Europe.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment.


The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme is probably one of the fastest routes to attaining a European Passport. Applicants who wish to invest 2 Million EUR in Cyprus which comply with the Investment Criteria explained below, can obtain a Cyprus Passport in merely two to three months.


Obtaining a Cyprus Passport has become a relatively easy process when handled by competent parties. Before any application can be submitted, Applicants should commit to the Investment Requirements and make sure that Investment Funds are already in Cyprus. Once this is done, an application is made, which can be completed anywhere between three to six months.

In the improbable case of an Application rejection, Applicants are able to receive a full refund for certain Real Estate Investments.


Apart from the 2,000,000 EUR Investment requirement, the only other requirement needed for the Cyprus Investment by Citizenship Programme is to have a Clear Criminal Record. Other requirements which are typically needed for other Citizenship or Residency Programmes such as Language Requirements, Medical Tests, or Interviews are not required in Cyprus.


As Cyprus is a full Member of the European Union, there are several benefits for applicants who successfully obtain a Cyprus Passport. These are listed below:


Applicants can apply for citizenship for their entire family. This includes spouse and all children up to the age of 28. Parents of the applicant also have the ability to qualify by making a further 500,000 EUR Real-Estate Investment. In addition to the above, citizenship can be passed down to generations.


The Cyprus government introduced a very favorable tax package in 2015, which was aimed to attract international investment from high net worth Investors.

All Investors that are non-domiciled, will be exempt from taxation in Cyprus, for Personal Investment Income which include interest and dividend income. In other words, Non-Domiciled Individuals will not have to pay any tax in Cyprus, regardless to if the income was generated abroad or in Cyprus. Additionally, Cyprus has no Inheritance Tax, and has the lowest Corporate Tax Rate in Europe of only 12.5%.

Living, Working and Studying

By obtaining Cyprus Citizenship, applicants also gain all rights of EU Citizens, and can choose to live, work or study anywhere they choose within the European Union. Having said this, Cyprus is a fantastic place to migrate to, as apart from being highly developed and very multi-cultural with the majority of the population speaking English, it also has the lowest crime rate in Europe. In terms of education, Cyprus boasts some of the best schools and Universities in Europe, and even hosts campuses for three UK Universities.


As mentioned above, Cyprus Citizenship grants all rights of EU Citizens as Cyprus is a full member of the European Union, therefore one of the benefits of obtaining a European passport is travel. EU Passport holders are allowed to travel to 158 countries without any Visa requirements. This includes Europe, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and multiple entries to Canada, Australia, Singapore, Macao and Hong Kong.


Given the high approval rate, and simple straightforward application process, Cyprus is the best Citizenship by Investment Programme available globally. The Investment options that Applicants have, along with a fantastic family structure, and practically no other requirements apart from a Clear Criminal Record, make the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme ideal for High Net Worth Individuals looking to secure a European Passport.

Investment Criteria.

Investment in Financial Assets of Cypriot Companies or Cypriot Organizations

Applicant has to purchase financial assets of Cypriot companies or Cypriot organizations (bonds/securities/debentures registered and issued in the Republic of Cyprus) for at least 2 Million.

Purchase or creation or participation in Cypriot businesses or Companies

The applicant has to make an investment for at least 2 Million in the purchase, creation or participation in businesses or companies, that are based and operating in the Republic of Cyprus. These businesses or companies should evidently have a tangible presence in Cyprus and employ at least five (5) Cypriot Citizens.

Real Estate

The most cost-effective investment scenario is the acquisition of Real Estate in Cyprus. Investment in Real Estate can be both in Residential or Commercial Properties, which is what makes it the most desirable Investment route that Applicants usually choose. Applicants can invest in more than one property in order to satisfy the 2 Million EUR requirement.

Apart from the exponential increase in Real Estate prices in Cyprus that Applicants can gain from, they also have the option to rent out their properties and generate an additional yield on their Investment.

In contrary to the other Investment channels available, investing in Residential Properties only requires a total investment of 2,000,000 EUR, unlike other Investments where in addition to the amount of 2 Million EUR, applicants are also required to purchase a residential property (1 or 2), worth 500,000 EUR.

In considering between Commercial or Residential Property, investors should also take into account the fact that investing in Commercial Property will also include a VAT (Value Added Tax) payment of 19%, whereas investing in Residential Property will only attract a 5% VAT on the first 200 square meters of the main residence invested in.

Possible Investment Opportunities.

  • Investment in Commercial Property, Land Development and Infrastructure Projects, or bank deposit (only for individual scheme)

  • Participation in Cypriot Businesses with Main Office Located in Cyprus.

  • Financial Assets of Cypriot Companies

  • Commercial Property

  • Government Bonds

  • Residential Property

  • Combination of the above.