How long does it take to gain Permanent Residency in Cyprus?

The Cypriot Citizenship Programme involves a sequence of important phases, that have to be executed timely and prudently, to guarantee that each Application is approved within 3 months, which is our typical timeframe.

Our experience has enabled us with comprehensive knowledge about the Programme, which ensures that all Programme requirements are fulfilled professionally as expected.

If I choose to invest in property, is there an exit route?

If you choose to invest in property, there is a minimum investing holding period of three years. Once this period passes, we can assist you in selling your property, and probably make a profit along the way.

What is your approval rate for Permanent Residency and Citizenship Applications?

We boast an outstanding 100% Success Rate with all Applications till date.

How long do I have to stay in Cyprus to retain my Residency Status?

There are no requirements to reside in Cyprus in order to retain your Citizenship, but if you are applying for Permanent Residency, a visit is required once every two years by all Permanent Residency holders.

However, as Cyprus is so beautiful, we are sure you will enjoy spending several months a year on this fantastic island!

If I gain Cyprus Citizenship, would I have to denounce my first Citizenship?

No. Cyprus Legislation allows people to have more than one citizenship.

Do I have to pay tax in Cyprus after obtaining Cyprus Citizenship?

All Investors that are non-domiciled, will be exempt from taxation in Cyprus, for Personal Investment Income which include interest and dividend income.

In other words, Non-Domiciled Individuals will not have to pay any tax in Cyprus, regardless to if the income was generated abroad or in Cyprus.

Additionally, Cyprus has no Inheritance Tax, and has the lowest Corporate Tax Rate in Europe of only 12.5%.

Furthermore, you will not have to pay any tax in Cyprus as long as you are not a Cyprus Tax Resident. In order to become a Cyprus Tax Resident, you would have to spend 183 days or more in Cyprus.

Please feel free to contact us for further Tax Advice.

I have already invested in Cyprus. Can I use this investment for applying for Citizenship?

Yes, you definitely can! All investments in Cyprus that took place within three years of your Application can be used to offset the total investment required.

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