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The Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus Programme, as set forth by the Ministry of Interior in Cyprus, enables foreign investors to gain Cypriot Residency or Citizenship and instantly enjoy the benefits of being an EU citizen. Applicants have the opportunity to apply for either the Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme which requires a minimum investment of 300,000 EUR, or the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme, which requires a minimum investment of 2,000,000 EUR. Applicants have the ability to invest in a combination of investments of their liking, ranging from Government Bonds to Real Estate, and gain EU Citizenship within 3 months.

Why Choose Us?


We are an independent agency with a selection of the best Lawyers in Cyprus, along with a wide range of Property Agents.


One of the most important things of acquiring a second citizenship or permanent residency is strict confidentiality which we abide by.


Take advantage of our local knowledge, and let us guide you to not only gaining EU Residency, but to also make substantial gains on your investment.

After Sales

We can rent out and manage your property ourselves at a sustainable yield, and offer you an exit route in 3 years.

Why Cyprus?

Great Weather

Cyprus is well known for its undeniably fantastic weather! Enjoy 350 days of sunshine per year and experience the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean.

Travel Visa-Free

Roam the EU, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Iceland to either work, study or for leisure.

Lowest Tax in EU

Cyprus offers the lowest Tax Rates in Europe. There is also no personal income tax, including dividend or interest income for non-domiciled tax residents.

Fast-Track EU Citizen

Become an EU Citizen in only 90 days. No other naturalization programme offers citizenship in such little time.

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